Our Tools

The soul can do without everything except the word of God, without which none at all of its wants are provided for.” – Martin Luther

The Treasure

Treasure MP3 Players are our solar-powered audio player. These hard working, compact units are perfect for people who cannot read or who are oral learners, meaning that they learn or process information by spoken rather than literate means.

The messages, (available in over 4,000 languages/dialects), that can be downloaded onto the Treasures range from the full Bible to children’s Bible stories to daily devotionals.

These units, cost effective and smaller than most smart phones, can easily be carried by hand or pocket, or hung by their carrying strap. The Treasure is lightweight and field tested in the most hostile of environments, yet easy-to-use. And the accessories available – earphones, chargers, and solar speakers – make them the complete package.

Potential Impact: Over 100 people for each Treasure audio Bible

More Tools

Treasure Buddies

Treasure Buddies are cute stuffed animals with a pocket in their tummies where a Treasure fits perfectly. These cuddly animals are loved by children as they hear about Jesus and feel His love envelope them even as they have their arms wrapped around the stuffed bear, elephant or tiger. Children’s Bible Stories are available in English and other gospel messages in various dialects.

Jesus Film Backpack

Jesus Film Projector Systems are completely self-contained backpack units – projector, speakers, lithium battery and solar panels – to present gospel movies in remote areas to small to large groups of people.

Potential Impact: 10,000 people per system as this lightweight unit can easily be carried from village to village with easy set up and take down.

Light Stream

LightStream Media Systems are solar-powered, portable distribution systems that allow users to create a full-featured “digital library” from which gospel media can be shared on mobile devices in an off-the-grid environment without depending on internet access or electricity.

Potential Impact: 1,666 people per system as it creates a ‘hot-spot- for users to access and download evangelistic/discipleship materials.

Micro SD Cards

A removable micro flash memory card for mobile devices that may contain the Bible and other Christian literature. SD cards are encrypted, making their content permanent. Once uploaded to a mobile device, users can share its content via Bluetooth and SMS messaging.

Potential Impact: 5 people for each MicroSD card.

World Mission delivers the Word of God in audio format The Treasure to oral learners living in unreached people groups.