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With Every Beat of Your Heart. another soul is lost.

66,000 people are dying every day from an unreached people group. Never having a gospel witness.

In the last 40 years over 1 billion people have died who never heard of Jesus, and around 25 million more people this year will perish without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.


people have passed into eternity without a gospel witness since this page has loaded.

June 15, 2017

Ken Thompson over the halfway point on his Trekking For Treasures goal!

Ken called in today, excited that he's hiked 1300 miles in his 2200 mile quest to raise money for audio Bibles (Treasures)! The trail has been very hard at times, with bad weather, rocky trails and mosquitos, black flies and gnats sharing the path. But he's also experienced the very best of times as he's able to witness to his fellow hikers along the trail. As he says, he's planting the seed that the Holy Spirit can grow into faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This morning, as he was shaving in McDonald's, he found a different person looking back at him than his reflection 2 weeks ago - he's looking gaunt as he's losing weight (over 18 lbs. so far), but feeling great!

Prayer requests: Continued health for his feet (ongoing) and that God will bring people into his path that he can share the Gospel with and tell why he's Trekking For Treasures! 

Follow his progress: Facebook page - Trekking For Treasures.