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With Every Beat of Your Heart. another soul is lost.

66,000 people are dying every day from an unreached people group. Never having a gospel witness.

In the last 40 years over 1 billion people have died who never heard of Jesus, and around 25 million more people this year will perish without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.


people have passed into eternity without a gospel witness since this page has loaded.

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"Living in light of eternity changes your priorities."— Rick Warrren


We desire that you pray for World Mission. The goal of the prayer ministry is to help create a prayer hedge to shield, nurture, and empower the mission, leadership, staff, the national partners, and the organization of World Mission as a whole.

World Mission's Treasures are being sent to some of the harshest battlegrounds on the earth. These battles are spiritual and if our first action and priority is not prayer . . . our efforts will be in vain.

We covet your prayer as you go about your daily schedule.

Pray at home, in the car, or wherever you are. We also have a prayer room on site, and it is waiting for you!

“Every other consideration and plan and emphasis is secondary to that of wielding the forces of prayer.” John R. Mott


"From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work." Ephesians 4:16

Our events are crafted to build the body of Christ, joining together your passion for reaching people living at the ends of the earth with the gospel where it best aligns with World Mission's vision and objectives.

We'd be honored with your presence at our events. Please call 616.534.5689 for more information.



World Mission has developed a proven strategy to deliver the gospel to individuals who are oral learners or entirely illiterate. These are people who largely will never benefit from a printed Bible because they lack the resources, opportunities and motivation to learn how to read. The answer we have is a solar powered audio Bible called The Treasure.



You can be a missionary to the most remote regions without leaving your hometown.

World Mission is asking for your help at one of our partnered Thrift Centers. Approximately 4 hours of your time volunteering helps raise enough funds for 1 Treasure to go to an unreached person (who might typically share it with many dozens of others!)

You can help--even for a few hours--day or night, weekdays or Saturdays - sorting, pricing, cashiering, repair work, truck driving, cleaning, organizing, etc. Call (616) 334-0474 or send an email if you are interested and willing.

If you would like to learn more about how to start a Treasure supporting volunteer operated Thrift Center in your city, please call: (616) 534-5689.

World Mission is connected with Thrift Stores that are 100% volunteer operated. That means we would like your help if you like to sort and/or repair donations, cashier, do administration, rack clothes, make displays – anything that is done, needs a volunteer.