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With Every Beat of Your Heart. another soul is lost.

66,000 people are dying every day from an unreached people group. Never having a gospel witness.

In the last 40 years over 1 billion people have died who never heard of Jesus, and around 25 million more people this year will perish without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.


people have passed into eternity without a gospel witness since this page has loaded.


Mission: World Mission delivers the Word of God in audio format (The Treasure) to oral learners living in unreached people groups.

Objective: to share the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. This is accomplished through our vast network of national leaders and focus upon those who have never heard the Good News.

  • Distributing audio Bibles called The Treasure through national leaders, who then are intimately involved in the discipleship making process with a goal of seeing churches established.
  • 2014 – 16,477 audio bibles distributed, impacting 2,372,688 people
  • 2015 – 30,055 audio bibles distributed, impacting 4,327,920 people
  • 2016 – 40,000+ audio bibles distributed, impacting over 5,760,000 people
  • 2017 - 28,000 audio bibles distributed, impacting 4,032,000 people
  • 2018 - 45,488 audio bibles distributed, impacting 6,550,272 people

Countries currently working in: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chad, Congo, Guinea-Bissau, India, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand & Vietnam

Other programs: Change Your World, World Mission Thrift Stores, Volunteer Thrift Stores, Short-term trips (Medical, Zoe Waters, Treasure distributions and prayer)

Board members: Dave Dishaw, Pres.; W. Scott Baker, V.P.; Sally VanderPloeg, Treasurer; Roger Lucas, Sec.; John Grooters, Kevin & Sherry Harney, Dan Hibma, Kurt Poll, Kevin, and Mark Young, Sr.