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emergency relief – Afghanistan

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In response to the crisis happening in Afghanistan, World Mission is working to meet the immediate humanitarian needs (food, shelter, clothing, and supplies) for the fleeing refugees along with sharing the treasure of God’s Word. There is also a growing number of Afghans still inside the country needing immediate support, including both Christians and individuals who are being hunted by the Taliban. We are sending funds to help them survive. You can help!

Check back for updates as we continue to communicate with our International Leaders.

Weekly Update // Sept. 18, 2021

This week has brought about divine connections as we continue reaching the Afghan people with the Good News. Please keep praying. And be encouraged, God is moving in incredible ways, and you are helping make a difference! Even in this devastating season, a light of hope is shining bright through the darkness.

We are actively communicating with our partners and individuals inside Afghanistan and Pakistan. Here are some clips from recent conversations:

“God hears the voice and cry of the people of Afghanistan.

God helps us reach those people and help them.” 

– World Mission National Partner

“Do not leave me alone in this critical time.”

– Inside Afghanistan

“I am 100 years old and so upset that I have left Afghanistan. America was good with us. We missed those days. I am thankful to World Mission for supporting me with food, crockery, milk for children, and audio Bible. I am learning about Jesus [for the] very first time in my life. I am listening [to] the audio Bible. […] Please continue to pray for us.” 

– Afghan Refugee

World Mission Update Podcast featuring Afghanistan // Sept. 9, 2021

Things are changing dramatically in Afghanistan and those who suffer the most are the weak and vulnerable. Rusty and Greg are providing a current update from the field as World Mission has members actively engaged in India, Pakistan, and within Afghanistan. It will take a short-term strategy to address the mounting refugee crisis but also a long-term strategy to share the gospel to those left behind.

Update from the Field // Sept. 8, 2021

We’ve received a message this week from our National Leaders working with the Afghan refugees. They’ve been able to deliver food and supplies to the camp. Here’s a highlight from his letter. 

“Today again God makes it possible for us to share Gospel and food with Afghan Refugees. I am thankful to God for giving us this golden and blessed opportunity. […] They are telling me that the Taliban has not changed, they are searching every home and killing any one who was working with the previous government. This is the big reason they are fleeing. It becomes easy for me to share the Gospel with them because the American soldier has done a great job and created a heart in them which is ready for Jesus. Praise God for this opportunity.”

Update from Mission Network News featuring Greg Kelley // Aug. 27, 2021

“The Christian families that I’ve spoken to were so encouraged to hear that report that thousands of Christians in America are praying for them. So I think one of our roles is quite honestly just encouragement. Encouragement is like energy. It just blesses them.” – Greg

Click below to read more and please keep praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.


Message from Greg // Aug. 24, 2021


All of us at World Mission are heart-broken over the reports coming out of Afghanistan. It’s a tragedy that should touch every Christian heart. But the devastation facing this country started long before the horrors of this past week. In a population of nearly 40 million people, only 0.02% are Christian! Afghanistan was abandoned many years before the conflict started.

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out and asking what we can do to help these precious people. Here are some great next steps:

First, you have a way to administer food, shelter, and clothing to the precious Afghan people through World Mission. To help make a difference, use the donation form on this page.

Second, join us in praying for the Afghan community. Yes, pray for safe passage and peace amid the current chaos. But also pray for hearts to open and for the gospel to become accessible.

Please pray for the Body of Christ to begin making Afghanistan a priority. Not only because of the upcoming humanitarian crisis that we are facing, but because 0.02% of the Afghan people know Christ! As Christians, we need to ask the Lord for forgiveness for this negligence and then engage in a long-term solution.

Third, continue to give to organizations like World Mission that have a presence in the region and can respond to the humanitarian crisis while also intentionally sharing the Good News message. Our international leaders have already distributed over 1,100 audio Bibles in the Dari and Pashto languages over the past 8 months to Afghans. Aid is reaching refugees living in the area near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border – loving in word and deeds!

Friends, let your heart be broken over the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan.

Ask the Lord how you are to respond and be part of delivering hope in a very hopeless situation. But also use this occasion to recognize our primary assignment. That is to make disciples of ALL nations. This is what you do through World Mission! Working with our National Partners with boots on the ground to deliver the Good News, modeling the love of Jesus while intentionally making disciples.

Sharing the love of Jesus is critically important. But simultaneously, let’s be aware of the spiritual void. Recognizing the ONLY thing that will bring lasting hope and peace to a broken heart is the message of the cross.

In the harvest,

God Bless,


Greg Kelley
CEO/Executive Director

World Mission delivers the Word of God in audio format The Treasure to oral learners living in unreached people groups.