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emergency relief – Afghanistan

In response to the crisis happening in Afghanistan, World Mission is working to meet the immediate humanitarian needs (food, shelter, clothing, and supplies) for the fleeing refugees along with sharing the treasure of God’s Word. There is also a growing number of Afghans still inside the country needing immediate support, including both Christians and individuals who are being hunted by the Taliban. We are sending funds to help them survive. You can help! Use the donation form on this page to partner with us in making a difference.

February Update

Greg just returned from an unforgettable trip to Pakistan. The World Mission team met hundreds of slaves living in some of the 14,000 brick kilns in the country. These people live like animals and are constantly abused by their owners. The team also visited Afghan refugees living on the border with Afghanistan. The stories being shared will change your life!

Every Nation Update featuring Afghanistan!

Hear updates from inside this devastated country from our International Partner and be empowered to pray for our brother and sisters in Christ facing persecution.

November Update

 The Taliban continue to kill Christians inside of Afghanistan. At the same time, Afghans are finding access to the gospel for the first time in history. Listen to Rusty Humphries and Greg Kelley’s amazing update. You will also hear a miraculous story of God working supernaturally! Get ready to have your faith and prayer life inspired.

October Update

Christians in Afghanistan are literally being hunted by the Taliban right now. Join Rusty and Greg as they discuss the realities these precious Christ-followers are facing and how we can help them in their moment of crisis. World Mission is actively getting believers out of harm’s way and God is touching hearts in the midst of the chaos.

September Update

Things are changing dramatically in Afghanistan and those who suffer the most are the weak and vulnerable. Rusty and Greg are providing a current update from the field as World Mission has members actively engaged in India, Pakistan, and within Afghanistan. It will take a short-term strategy to address the mounting refugee crisis but also a long-term strategy to share the gospel to those left behind. Most of Afghanistan has never heard the Good News message which needs to be our highest priority as followers of Jesus. Learn how World Mission is addressing immediate physical needs while passionately sharing the gospel message to Afghan refugees and those displaced within the country.

August Update

On this episode of The World Mission Update, Greg Kelley and Rusty Humphries are talking about Afghanistan, and how it’s spiraling out of control as the world watches with a broken heart. As Christians, we want to ease the suffering. Finding a way to do that while also sharing the love of Jesus should be our highest priority! That is exactly what World Mission is doing. Hundreds of solar-powered audio bibles have been distributed alongside humanitarian relief to the Afghan refugees. Ask the Lord to show you how to be involved in this historic moment!

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