Prayers are being answered in Lebanon!!

Jul 20, 2019News

 I am so excited to share with you the latest from Dan, our national partner in Lebanon, who has been working with Syrian refugees.

       He is working with people who have desperately fled from their homes to what they hoped would be a safe haven for them.

       But I’m getting ahead of the story, and I want you to hear it from Dan, in his own words…

       “Brother Greg, please share that amongst the Druze refugees from Syria we are seeing God at work.

       One Druze family that comes to the refugee church have been believers for at least the last two years, but the wife says she thinks God saved her brother this past month. He came to one of the outreaches and she said he was impacted in hearing the gospel and wanted to cry during the message.

       Then he started asking questions, and he seems to want to follow the Lord.

       One of the first things he asked for too was one of the audio Bibles you all sent as he saw his sister had one. So pray for him to grow in his newly professed faith!

       And this same woman’s sister said this summer she’s been having multiple dreams about Jesus and about needing to go to the church. Her husband hasn’t allowed her to come yet and she’s in another city but we’re hoping to see her soon and find out more what God might be doing.

       Hey brother, just wanted to let you know that we got all the audio Bibles safely into the country this week. Thanks so much! Almost every week I have had new refugees asking for them who heard about them from friends. Now we can continue giving out more and planting Gospel seed into new families!” ~ Dan

       Thank you for making it possible for these precious people to hear God’s truth! We could not do it without you: your prayers, your gifts and your dedication to spreading the Good News of Jesus.

Together in the Harvest,


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